Our school is open to all children between ages 2 to 11years, irrespective of tribe, colour, creed or nationality. Application forms can be obtained from the school's administrative office at a fee; Forms are to be completed and returned with all required documents, namely; two (2) passport photographs, a photocopy of birth certificate, immunisation records and last class report where applicable. A qualifying test will be given to the child for proper placement. The school authority reserves the right to refuse admission to any child..


Admission Registration

Admission into Creche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary is Currently ungoing. Forms are Obtainable at Lumen Christi Private School, DBS Road Asaba


School Calendar

The school opens daily, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00pm for primary, and 7:30am to 3:30pm for secondary school; public holidays are duly observed. The school year consists of three terms, each with duration of twelve or thirteen weeks.

i. The first term runs from September through December

ii. The second term runs from January through March/April

iii. The third term runs from Aprils through July.

The first two terms terminate with three weeks holiday each, while the third term ends with a long vacation of eight weeks. Summer classes of 4 to 5 weeks are usually organised during the long holiday to keep the children academically conscious and avail them of opportunities of interesting socio-cultural activities within and outside the school environment.



Make consistent progress in character and learning for your personal benefit, family, society and to God's glory